Blue Flower

Blacksmith Shop and Boiling House

The mill had its own blacksmith to make iron items such as locks, hinges, machinery parts etc. Many of the finds discovered on site were probably made there.

Pictures show the blacksmith's shop area including the brickwork remains of the forge and anvil stand. The Blacksmith shop is opposite the upper staunch where our swinging footbridge crosses the river.

Next to the blacksmith's shop was the boiling house, where bones were boiled to remove fat and make them brittle for grinding, it has a tar floor and iron corner brackets which held wooden corner posts.

The corner brackets were originally uncovered in 2015 and again in 2021, they have bolts and nails in situ which held the posts. Traces of wood from the corner posts were found in the soil. A bracket cover has been made with explanation sign so visitors can see this feature, it is normally covered up to prevent weather damage.

A tunnel runs behind the blacksmiths shop and boiling house, this was dug out in 2022 as part of the wildflower meadow earthworks. In 2023 the decision was taken to cover the Blacksmith's area with soil to protect the remains from further deterioration, as we needed to cover it anyway to get machines to the fallen river wall to clear and repair it.

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