Blue Flower

This week we crossed our footbridge to the opposite bank to clear a small tree which had fallen in the river, we used a rake on a long rope to pull it with. Although it was too heavy to get out of the river, we pulled it in line with the bank which looks better. While on the opposite side we cleared fallen branches from the footpath and took pictures of the mill from across the river which gives good views, and we noticed some Ivy on the brick pier which we will remove next time.

Dennis’ friend Chris visited and all five of us had a chat in the railway wagon over a long lunch including talking about the Narborough Museum project. We cleared leaves from the elevator hopper, it was an extremely windy day which limited the work we could do. Loose weeds had built up in front of the water wheel area again so we cleared them away with a rake.

The water tank in the Little Mill Visitor Centre was refilled from the water butt. We have finds and exhibits on display, and on open days the model mill is on show in the visitor centre. A pair of Grey Wagtails were flying around the mill and river most of the day, but we only got one picture as they never settle for long. A recent find is a large iron hinge from a gate or door.

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