Blue Flower

Sadly we lost one of our volunteers, Frank Goldsmith, who died on 11 October. Frank was a keen volunteer who will be missed by us all, see our tribute page here.

Work in October involved repairing the fence around the cistern top by driving fence posts into the grass and adding bricks to the free standing posts to weigh them down and stop the wind blowing them over. The fence is to prevent people walking on the cistern roof which could cause it to collapse.

A pair of Swans kept us company in the river near the water wheel, we usually see them at some point along the river on our journey to the mill or during the day. 

The edge of the visitor centre was weeded and logs previously retrieved from the river which had been put beside the building were cut up for use as firewood on the stove in the railway wagon. We only had handsaws this time so the large log will have to wait until I take my chainsaw and log splitter to make them fit our stove.

On Tuesday 3/11/20 we had a visit from a group of Home Educators and their children who were shown round the mill. Despite bad weather they enjoyed seeing the exhibits including the model mill and the restoration work we have done.

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