Blue Flower

Happy New Year to everyone involved and interested in the bone mill. There has not been much activity this winter due to bad weather and the second lockdown.

On 2/1/21 I had a walk along the Nar Valley Way footpath on the opposite bank past the mill, so I took a few pictures and cleaned the information board. The river flooded on Boxing Day and is still quite high, the fields opposite the mill are flooded and the drain is very full making the footpath wet and muddy in many places. 

The river is high under the water wheel, there is usually a dry area on the downstream side but this is all under water now. I noticed the staunch area by the bridge needs clearing of ivy and weeds around the mitre gate fittings, this will be done when we start working again.

The picture of The Maltings was taken on 27/12/20 and shows the very high water level, the archive pictures show the normal / low river level.

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