Blue Flower

There have been no working parties at the mill since November 2020 due to lockdown. However, two bone mill volunteers cleared up Narborough church yard on 23 March, we cut back brambles, cleared footpaths and crown lifted trees so the mower could get underneath.

The work party at the mill on 31/3/21 involved crossing our footbridge over the river and cutting up fallen trees that we cleared from the Nar Valley Way last year and splitting the logs for use on our woodburner in the wagon. We also pulled a large fallen branch out of the river with rope and cut it up. 

On my walk in the snow back in February, I noticed the box of cards on our information board had broken and the cards were encased in a block of ice, so today we fitted a new box and replaced the cards.

A bench had blown over and several parts had come off so we need to fix it properly. The bench on the footpath also needs repair as one of the side tables is breaking up.

The grass had grown so we cut the river bank and wagon areas. We discussed several ideas to manage grass cutting now that Frank is no longer around, as there is a large amount of grass across the rest of the site which needs regular cutting with a large mower.

Other jobs involved removing debris from the elevator hopper, weeding the garden and putting displays on the new shelves in the visitor centre. In the fields we saw hares running around and tractors planting seeds, in the river a pair of swans went past. We enjoyed being back at the mill and plan to resume weekly work parties.

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