Blue Flower

Mills Weekend in May has been cancelled again this year due to covid 19, so the next public opening will be Heritage Open Days in September.

Dennis has replaced the bearing cap cover handles which had split, these cover the half bearings of the water wheel to prevent water getting in. We regularly oil the bearings so we can turn the wheel at open days.

On Thursday the bench which was damaged when it blew over was repaired with nails to secure the seat slats and the screws in the folding table in the middle were tightened which makes it useable again, I had a cup of tea and biscuits to test it.

The bench on the footpath was checked and one of the side tables was badly split beyond repair so we removed it. We need to get a marine ply offcut to replace it.

We recently topped up our supplies so we can be covid safe, we got cleaning materials, a supply of gloves and individually wrapped biscuits which are very nice.

The glass panel over the exposed brick floor was removed and cleaned, debris was cleared from underneath, then the glass was refitted using new screws and cover caps. The panel is between two of the original grindstones which have daffodils growing in them, I dead headed the ones which had finished flowering.

We cut the grass again but the mower belt broke before we finished so we will get a replacement ready for next week, luckily the grass has not grown too much since last time.

The last job was clearing ivy and weeds from the staunch wall. We swung our bridge across and put the ladder in the river and cleared along the whole wall. This highlights the iron fittings which held the mitre gates in place.

Wildlife seen today included blue tits eating from our feeder which we topped up again, a pair of ducks, swan, grey wagtails and buzzards overhead.

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