Blue Flower

We fitted a new drive belt to the tractor mower and cut most of the grass, the push mower was used on the riverside banks. We strimmed in front of the visitor centre and around the grindstones and seats. We like to think Frank would approve of our grass cutting efforts.

Paul and Anne from the fishing club were checking the fish stocks along the river and visited the mill with their Spaniels who enjoyed exploring the site. We don’t get many visitors at the moment so it was good to meet them and have a chat.

The bench we repaired last week had two more loose slats on the folding table in the middle so we added more screws which has fixed it. 

Some large metal items found on 24/9/15 were added to the new display shelf in the visitor centre. These are item no. 409 in our finds log which shows they were found near the blacksmith area.

We saw a swan feeding under water then flying along the river, a kestrel was hovering over the blacksmith area, grey and pied wagtails were around the mill most of the time as usual. A Muntjac appeared on the footpath next to the bench seat, but disappeared down into the ditch before I could get a photo.

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