Blue Flower

21/10/21  We tried the old battery chainsaw from The Maltings on some fallen branches on the Nar Valley Way footpath, but it only managed to cut one log with the fully charged battery. While over on the footpath we checked the bench we repaired recently and ensured our Card Box on our notice board was full.

Back on site we measured the corner bracket of the boiling house which we uncovered, so we can get a piece of glass to cover and display it. We cleaned the other exposed foundations and dug to find the downstream end of the sloping tar floor.

We then cleared the container of all the rubbish which had previously been sorted and labelled. We took two loads to The Maltings where the metal and glass will be recycled. Tools from the container will be stored in the new shed which we will build as part of the wildflower meadow project.

We found more bird seed in the container so we filled the feeders. There were 3 Hares running around the field behind the mill. Debra and Hector visited, we were throwing sticks for him and discussing the latest grant project with Debra. 

28/10/21  We cut all the grass for the last time this year and Eddie repaired the fence around the cistern top and blacksmith tunnel, these are to discourage people from walking on fragile areas.

Paul Oakley was surveying the river and visited the mill on his way, he told us many interesting facts about the river, explaining the recent alterations which have been carried out upstream, these increase the flow to carry away silt which would otherwise build up. Paul said there is a 4 year plan to improve the river so Trout can breed naturally and the river will no longer need to be re stocked. This includes planting trees along the river to shade it, as Trout can’t breed in water temperatures above 19C.

Alan, Charlie and Kiall also visited, they looked around and were interested to hear about the mill in its working days and plan to come back for Mills Weekend on 7 & 8 May 2022 to see the water wheel turning

A pair of Swans arrived just as we were about to leave, we then took the ride on mower back to Owen & Maria who lent it to us this year, for which we are very grateful. 

Graham Bartlett                

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