Blue Flower

13/1/22 We saw Swans and a Cormorant on the way to the mill. Jan filled the bird feeders and saw a Robin and Marsh Tit feeding. I brought some logs in and Jan lit the fire as it was a frosty day, we had our lunch by the fire.

I painted the inside of the cover for the boiling house bracket which we made last time, mole hills have come up inside this feature. Jan cleaned and tidied up in the wagon. We saw a Hare running in the field behind the mill, on our way back we saw a Muntjac near The Maltings.

20/1/22 We loaded up the trailer with the log store and many other items bought for our two projects. We saw a Heron in the field on the way to the mill.

Our first job was assembling the log store, then we put the chainsaw together and tested it by cutting up some logs and putting them in the log store. This is part of our Green Community Grant project.

We used the new cycle foot pump to inflate the flat wheelbarrow tyre, then unpacked the 3 way nest boxes, small nest boxes, butterfly houses and insect hotels. I made a stand for an insect hotel using wood from an old bed, we will make more of these to go in the wildflower meadow.

Eddie painted the outside of the boiling house cover green to blend with the surrounding grass. A Great White Egret flew over while we were assessing the damaged tunnel ends, these will be repaired as part of the Green Grant as Bats roost in them.

We explored the wildflower area as weeds have now died down so we can walk around, it backs on to the Blacksmith’s shop, so we will have signs in the new area explaining the blacksmith’s shop and boiling house.

Graham Bartlett                

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