Blue Flower

In the week before the open days I cut the grass again and fitted the cycle rack, Emma and I took the new picnic bench to site and assembled it, I got slideshows of the restoration working on the display screen and Emma cleaned the visitor centre. We took all the empty boxes from the grant items back for recycling.

Emma & Jade weeded the brickwork areas and David checked the water wheel for bird nests, fortunately the nest boxes we provided seem to have lured the Wagtails away from nesting in the wheel. David oiled and rotated the wheel to ensure it was free and cleaned the brick floor in front of it. David then got the pump working and connected the hoses ready to turn the water wheel.

Mills Weekend open days on 7 & 8 May were a great success, this was the first time since 2019 that we were able to open for this event due to Covid.

The Saturday after mills weekend, 14/5/22 Eddie had his first trip to the mill since having a hip replacement. We loaded up the water butt, a bird table made by Swaffham Men’s Shed and silver sand for mixing with wildflower seed which makes it easier to sow, these were all taken to the mill.

Eddie looked at the new shed, display screen, picnic bench, cycle rack and the latest grant items, he noticed Great Tits using the nest box, so I connected the camera screen and we watched them feeding their seven chicks. We also watched Jackdaws that are nesting in the Barn Owl box, at one point the male and female were in there together feeding their young, we could only see two chicks. I put the SD card in the screen and started recording the activity, then played it back. Eddie managed to set the correct time on the system by resorting to the instructions. I ran a temporary cable to the camera in the shed nest box and discovered there is no nest in there yet. We will permanently fit the nest camera screen in the wagon at a later date.

Large metal exhibits were put back in the visitor centre, these had been put on display outside for the open days. Eddie then weeded the Lupins, disposing of weeds in the compost bay. I put the bird table in the garden area and staked it down, then finished wiring in lights on the display shelves for the visitor centre, I connected the battery and checked that the lights worked.

We had lunch outside as it was sunny and a Buzzard flew overhead. After lunch we checked the water wheel was locked after the open days and noticed that wire netting on the walkway in front of the wheel was coming away, so we stapled it back in place. A Ruby tailed Wasp was on the door of the visitor centre, these were also seen at the open days.

The battery strimmer was repaired and Eddie strimmed the grass edges while I put the new water butt and bags of silver sand in the shed, I used the historic sack barrow from the visitor centre to transport the sand bags. On our journey back we saw a pair of Swans along the river.

Graham Bartlett                

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