Blue Flower

I collected the sweeper from Owen who lent it to us for use in the wildflower area. Its needed for collecting cuttings after the seeds have dropped. I towed it to the mill behind the mower, cutting the grass along the track on the way. The sweeper was full by the time I got to the mill so I practiced emptying it into the compost bay. It needs a few minor repairs which we will do. Eddie and I cut all the grass at the mill which was the main job today.

The old strimmer line no longer feeds out and two batteries have failed, they are expensive to replace so we bought a new strimmer which has blades instead of line and uses the two chainsaw batteries we already have. We assembled the strimmer and tested it around the site, including cutting tall nettles in front of the wildlife habitat, one battery lasted nearly all day. 

It was 32 degrees C today, so we had lunch under the shade of the parasol which was fine until a gust of wind blew it away, I leapt up to get it, as it was heading for the river, my food ended up on the ground so I gave it to the birds. We put the parasol back in the shed and sat in the shade of the tree, where we watched a Grey Wagtail perched on a post in the river.

Eddie watered the Lupins, the one which flowered now has seed pods so we will save the seeds. Eddie also filled up the bird food and fitted a hook on the shed door to stop it slamming in the wind.

I swapped the plastic shelves in the visitor centre with the new metal shelves which I fitted lights to a while ago, I re-arranged displays on them as there is more room and connected the battery to view the illuminated exhibits, the bones and glass jar pieces look particularly good. The other new shelves will also have lights fitted for displaying items found while digging the wildflower area.

I cut the rest of the grass on the riverside track on the way back and put the mower away. Next to the maltings are Barge Cottages where John Isom lives, he took pictures of a Buzzard in flight and a pair of Muntjacs browsing on the field opposite the cottages.

Graham Bartlett                

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