Blue Flower

In the last two weeks we used left over wood from the shed to clad the new display area wall and Eddie fitted two more shelves there for displaying finds from the wildflower area. I put pictures of earthworks behind the illuminated shelves, the old store room door was removed and fitted to the wall as a feature with displays and another shelf. One of the photo panels was moved to the bottom corner which looks better. 

In the main part of the visitor centre the trestle table was removed and items from it were put on the walls and a small shelving unit which I fitted lights to, this gives much more space. Shelves on the illuminated rack were re-positioned and a light was fitted above the bottom shelf which is now usable. Lights were also added to the display cabinet with the skull and mammoth bones. A Comma Butterfly was trapped by the window which I opened to set it free.

Eddie filled up the bird feeders and we watched a Goldfinch eating Nyger seed. I used the long lopper to cut down tall weeds which had grown up in front of one of the Grey Wagtail boxes, as they like a direct flightpath into the boxes. They were flying around and landed on our notice board. Eddie watered the Lupins and Poppies as well as an Ash tree which Beryl gave us, they grow big so we need to choose a suitable place to plant it.

I used a metal detector to scan part of the wildflower area and soil heap on the brick floor but did not find anything. The soil will be spread out to permanently cover the floor and prevent it deteriorating, we may extend the wildflower area onto the brick floor. We need to get rid of any nettles that come back, then sow the wildflower seed in September.

Eddie cleared nettles from the downstream end of the site, this revealed a small Oak tree. We will keep this area cut when we mow the grass. The Fishing Club arranged more river works, they are putting in more features to give faster flowing areas which we looked at on our way back.

Graham Bartlett                

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