Blue Flower

Thursday 2/11/23  We needed to replace the hose on the gas bottle as it was badly cracked, luckily there was enough surplus on the supply hose to the stove in the wagon to cut off a piece to use as a replacement. We put the connection fittings back in the pipes, connected the gas, checked for leaks and made a cup of tea.

Last week we made and painted a new board for the bridge sign inviting walkers to join us, as the old plywood one had broken up, we had to leave the board for the paint to dry. Today we made a new clamp block for it as one had split, then we drilled holes in the new board and fitted it to the bridge and stapled the sign to it.

We also made a base for the Kingfisher nest tunnel, as we plan to incorporate it into the new wall when we repair it. We put the nest tunnel on a board and marked the length, I cut the board to size with my circular saw and Eddie painted it. We'll attach the tunnel to the board with cable ties or builders band, it will then be ready to be built into the wall. The Kingfisher tunnel is part of our Green Community Grant.

Last week Ryan cleared ash out of the fire in the wagon so I tipped it out on the gardens today, as its full of nutrients. We noticed the river was clear in the morning, but in the afternoon it was muddy and the level was higher.

We adjusted the bolt on the greenhouse door as it was out of line, Eddie moved the keeper down so it lines up with the bolt and closes properly. We brought a folding garden kneeler/seat from Eddie’s mum’s house and stored it in the greenhouse, the kneeler was already used today for cutting the gas hose under the wagon, as the grass was very wet.

At lunch time we sat outside, sheep are now in the field on the other side of the river and they were watching us. We got a bit cold so we went back into the wagon for another cup of tea and more biscuits.

In the afternoon we worked on our bird table as it was leaning over. We took the plywood plate off the base which had split apart and made a replacement from a piece of pallet wood, then made two extra angled pieces to hold the pole vertical. We fitted all the new parts and the bird table is now sturdy and upright.

Thursday 9/11/23  We saw Swans and their Cygnet at The Maltings on our way to the mill. I took the mower as this was the first dry day for a while and the grass had not been cut for over a month. We need to keep the wildflower meadow cut through winter to control grass and weed growth, so my first job was cutting this, there was a lot of growth.

Eddie lit the fire and we had a cup of tea in the railway wagon with a delicious chocolate cake which Anne Marie gave us. I remembered to get the potatoes out of the oven that we forgot a few weeks ago, I cut them open and put them on the bird table.

Last week Anne Marie told us a tree had come down across the footpath further down from the mill, so we loaded up with saws and loppers and went to investigate, but when we got there the tree had already been cut up and cleared.

We went back to the mill and looked at our gardens, Toby the farmer has cut the large patch of land between his field and the mill, right up to our garden, but all our plants are still there.

Eddie and I cut the grass on the large lawn, the area in front of the wagon, and between the buildings. Eddie strimmed around the edges of the buildings and chimney base. I marked up and cut corners off the Kingfisher nest tunnel base we made last time so it will look better when its fitted into the rebuilt wall, only the entrance will be visible.

Graham Bartlett  

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