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We had a very different day this week as we were unable to finish covering up the bone mill site. This was due to the track leading to the site being too slippery to get machines down that we need for covering the sheets with soil, and until the work on the wooden frame is finished we cannot put sandbags on the pier.

So all 6 of us went to the heritage centre museum instead and started cataloguing the exhibits. A team of two people started with the books in the aviation section, formatting a database to suit books and other exhibits. We managed to enter 140 books by the end of the day. Finds from the bone mill including the human skull which are on display at the heritage centre were listed so we could update the finds database with their location, this updated version can now be downloaded from the Weekly Finds section. Another team got out the various boxes stored underneath the model village, these included more pre-historic bones and some documents and photos which were sorted out and put in folders.

While we had lunch we took the chance to view the other parts of the museum, there is a pre-historic section with mammoth bones, tusks and teeth, and woolly rhino bones; a railway section including a bench from the old station; river Nar navigation section incorporating the two mills; RAF / Airfield / Aviation section with several model planes; Farming section; General village section which has a large model of Narborough; a whole section on Narborough Hall; and a few other topics.

After lunch we all went to David’s son, Owen’s house to view the railway wagon he has given us to use as a visitor and volunteer centre at the bone mill. At the moment it is in his barn with wood and furniture stored in and around it. Next week we are going to start clearing it out so it can be moved out and put onto a trailer ready to be taken to a workshop for us to refurbish it. We all agreed the house was in a lovely setting near the river and that it must be a great place to live. The wagon will be used for visitors to see information about the mill and restoration work, with some of the finds on display inside. It will also be used for volunteers to shelter and have lunch and tea, and for storing supplies for working parties. The wagon will need some new wooden panels and a lot of painting, plus fitting out of the interior, we discussed whether it would be possible to fit windows in it. This should keep us all busy for a while.

We then returned to the heritage centre and finished off the work we were doing, backed up the database and discussed next weeks activity with the railway wagon and decided what tools and equipment we will need. We think hard hats, crowbars and loppers would be useful, and we have been given use of a tractor and trailer. We are enthusiastic about getting started on this project.

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