Blue Flower

Houghton Mill visit, organised by Eddie.

On Sunday 13 August 2017 we had a group visit to Houghton Mill in Cambridgeshire, which is a working flour mill on the river Great Ouse.

There were several action models and diagrams inside the mill showing how it worked but we also saw the machinery running and flour being produced, and outside the water wheel could be seen turning within the wooden shroud. The outflow from the wheel gave a good current for canoeists to practice in which was entertaining.

Flour produced at the mill is on sale and also used to make scones for the tea room which most of us tried. We then walked to the river and saw many boats go through the lock, then went to the village which has thatched cottages and we watched a cricket match taking place.

We learned a lot from seeing this mill in action as flour mills are very similar to bone mills and we could imagine what the inside of Narborough mill would have looked like when working all those years ago.               

Blog 17/08/17

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