Blue Flower

We opened to the public for Heritage Open Days on 17 & 18 September 2022, as usual we had the water wheel turning using our pump and the model of the mill in its working days was on display.

New this year were an additional display room in the visitor centre with pictures and finds from making the wildflower meadow and a slideshow of the progress on a display screen. The wasteland area is now a landscape ready for our wildflower meadow. Also new are the illuminated shelves and cabinets in the visitor centre which has a new spacious layout with several new items on display from The Maltings including a bag counter and two man saw. A new sign on the walk to the mill beside the upper lock was used this year with a picture of Airmen from Narborough Airfield swimming there in 1917.

Ryan had the idea of letting visitors try metal detecting, he buried things in the soil and showed people how to find them, many visitors took part, some went out on the new wildflower area and found previously undiscovered things including large pieces of sheet metal and some nails. Also found in the soil was the top of a ceramic bottle. This was the last chance to explore the area as it will be sown with wildflower seed soon, but as the metal detecting was a success we plan to have something similar at the next open days.

We had a steady stream of visitors both days who enjoyed looking round the site and visitor centre. Tea and coffee, cold drinks, sausage rolls, shortbread, biscuits and cake were enjoyed by visitors and volunteers. There were many lovely dogs visiting, we had bowls of water, dog biscuits and treats, logs from our wood store were thrown for some of them to fetch. At one point there were 4 dogs in the river together. A Swan flew directly overhead in the afternoon.

Many people made a donation in the collection tin or our donation box with revolving water wheel. Thank you to everyone who contributed, the money is taken off site and used to top up our supplies.

The next open days will be Mills Weekend in May 2023, group visits are also possible, please contact us to arrange this. Walkers on the Nar Valley Way path can cross our footbridge and join us on Thursdays when volunteers are working at the mill. We are looking for new volunteers, if you would like to join us please contact us.

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Blog 15/9/22