Blue Flower

Photography Workshop 17/10/15

The day started with guidance about holding the camera steady in different situations and positions, then example pictures were shown to learn how to compose shots. We also learnt techniques for taking pictures in a museum environment, eg placing the lens close to glass cabinets and shielding with your hand to minimise reflections.The basics were also covered like the difference between RAW and JPEG files and camera settings.

We then went to The Maltings and photographed the buildings and landscape, putting the lessons into practice. We all walked along the river taking pictures of scenery and wildlife including swans and cygnets, then arrived at the bone mill where the main photography session took place. Graham and John explained briefly the history of the mill and the restoration work done, and some of the recent finds were put out on display.

After this we went back to the Community Centre for lunch and the final session which covered various techniques such as enhancing and reducing depth of field, adjusting shutter speed to show motion effects or freezing action, interpreting histograms, and using editing software to enhance and tag pictures. Some of the days photos were used as examples for this and it was good to see the pictures taken of our site.

Click the thumbnails below for a larger image.          Blog 15/10/15

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