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Ozzie was a much loved local character from Narborough who sadly passed away in June 2019 and will be missed by everyone who knew him.

Ozzie had been involved in the village fair since it began, organising the static engines display which was held every year. Known at this event for his love of Jelly Beans, the fair organisers always supplied him with a big 5kg bag of them which he ate and gave out to the engine owners. Ozzie has trained Owen who has taken over organising the engines at the 2019 fair.

Narborough Heritage Centre Museum had several exhibits loaned to them by Ozzie, including a rake which he made from hedgerow wood, a traction engine hammer and shovel, and a sack hoist as well as several farming items. The museum closed in 2016 but we are going to re-open it and there will be a tribute to Oz in the new museum.

Ozzie, real name Graham Osler was an engineer during his working life and this led to his interest in the restoration of the bone mill. Involved right at the start of the project, Oz saw the machinery being uncovered and explained a lot of the workings as they were exposed, as well as identifying some of the finds during digging of the site. The visitor centre at the bonemill has a pulley shaft on display which was donated by Oz.

John Atkinson made many videos about Ozzie and his lifestyle, these are on Youtube under the subject ‘Back to basics in Norfolk’ and are very amusing and well worth a look. John also took most of the pictures of Ozzie at the bonemill on this page.

Ozzie was known for spending time watching the world go by on the Swaffham bound bus stop bench, there is now a memorial bench for him there.

Everyone involved with the bonemill, and all the residents of Narborough who knew him will miss Ozzie very much. Our thoughts are with his friends and family at this sad time.

Blog 18/07/19

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 Blog 18/07/19