Blue Flower

Frank joined the volunteer team in 2016 and attended nearly every Thursday until he became too ill with lung cancer in 2020. Frank sadly died on Sunday 11 October 2020.

Frank used to bring his tractor mower and cut the riverside track, most of the grass at the mill (helped by Barry) and sometimes the footpaths as well. The site always looked lovely when Frank kept it mown as previous pictures show.

Frank also did tree surgery at the mill, any fallen branches or uprooted trees were quickly cut up and burned on a bonfire. He also enjoyed talking to visitors.

The staunch floor in the river bed was covered in weeds and Frank put on waders and cleared this feature so it can be seen from the bridge area. Frank also went into the river and cleared an area of the riverbank, revealing a sloping stone wall.

Frank brought his larger tractor with a winch and pulled a fallen tree out of the river and cut it up. He also helped with many other tasks, including clearing the tunnel in the blacksmith area and cleaning the brick floors. The donation box with revolving water wheel was originally Frank’s idea. At the Christmas lunch on 16/12/17 Frank brought Acorn keyrings which he made from wood and gave to all the volunteers.

We are going to miss Frank, he really was a ‘Good old Norfolk boy’ and we used to enjoy stories from his working days on farms and at Cooper Roller Bearings.

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 Blog 1/10/20