Blue Flower

On 18 August 2021 we were awarded a 'Greening Our Communities' grant through Breckland Council from the Norfolk Community Foundation to create a wildflower meadow on the wasteland area.

The area is covered in dense nettles and weeds, so we viewed photos taken in winter to assess the work needed. Tall soil heaps will be spread out with a digger to form a gently sloping site, level with existing edges. Paths will be cut through the meadow with entrances in various places. 

When earthworks are carried out we will use metal detectors to look for items of interest. There should be plenty of finds as the soil came from uncovering the site in the early days and has not yet been explored. 

We will sow the meadow with native wild flowers and grasses including the large Opium Poppy seeds which we saved from the end of the visitor centre. We will have insect houses and a picnic bench in the meadow. Once established, when we know what wildlife inhabits the area we will put information signs up about the species found there, it should attract bees, butterflies, other insects and birds which feed on them.

The project also involves replacing the large green container which is no longer needed and spoils the view. It was used to store materials and tools for restoration work in 2015. We will replace it with a small wooden shed matching our visitor centre, attached to the side of it, for storing garden tools. We can't work on the wildflower area until the large weeds die down in winter, so our first main task will be sorting finds etc in the container to decide what to keep and dispose of the rest. 

We put up notices on site about the project so visitors can see what we are planning. This page will be kept up to date with information and pictures during the project as well as including the work on volunteer blogs. The first preparation work was on 30/9/21 when we looked for the boiling house foundations, it has metal brackets at the corners, we will display these as they will be next to the wildflower meadow.

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