Blue Flower

Barry joined the volunteer team in 2016 after visiting the Mills Weekend open days, he was an active volunteer until 2020 when health problems prevented him from attending. Barry sadly died on Friday 14 July 2023.

Barry spent a lot of time metal detecting at the mill, he found some fascinating items, including Edward II and Roman coins, Iron Age brooch, Birmingham Token, Livery Button, locket and many other things. 

Barry donated a metal detector for visitors and volunteers to use, this was used on the wildflower area in 2022 by Heritage Open Days visitors as part of metal detecting demonstrations by Ryan, who also discovered a number of finds using the detector.

Barry used to bring his Grandson, Reo to help at the mill, he enjoyed being part of the team and was also a metal detectorist. Barry and Reo were members of Kings Lynn Metal Detecting Club where they both won prizes for their finds.

Barry helped with lots of different jobs, he used to be a toolmaker, so his engineering skills were often useful at the mill. Barry was involved with making the weights around the water wheel to balance out the rotation, his measurements of the wheel and his input influenced the design of the weights, which help the wheel turn at a more constant speed. 

When experimenting to see if our pump would turn the water wheel, Barry was the one holding the hose, directing water into the wheel buckets when it started turning, this successful experiment led to the installation of the water feed pipe which is used for turning the wheel at open days.

Barry was very knowledgeable about nature, he often told us interesting facts about the natural world and identified many of the creatures seen at the mill and surrounding fields as well as identifying bird calls. The outside wooden chairs on our lawn were taken home and varnished by Barry in 2017, they are still in constant use.

Karolyn, Barry's wife used to make sausage rolls and cakes for our open days and special occasions as well as preparing lunches for us at work parties, which Barry cooked on the stove or in the oven above the fire. Barry often used to make tea for us and wash up.

Gardening was something Barry often did at the mill. The push mower is still known as ‘Barry’s Mower,’ as he requested it and always used it to cut the short grass near the wagon, while his friend Frank used his own ride on mower to cut the larger areas. Barry used to take the push mower across our bridge and cut the grass on the footpath

During the Covid pandemic Barry and Reo went to the mill regularly to cut the grass and keep the place tidy when we were unable to have full work parties, that was the last time Barry was fit enough to go to the mill.

Barry was always happy talking to visitors of all ages, everyone got on well with him, he was a popular man and will be sadly missed by us all. Barry’s legacy lives on with everything he did for the bone mill, many of his finds are still on display including the coins. The thoughts of the Bone Mill gang are with Karolyn and family.

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