Blue Flower

A very interesting find was discovered, a Birmingham halfpenny token from 1793. These Conder tokens were privately minted due to coin shortages in rural areas in the late 18th century. Also found was a steel knife with bone handle.

A surround was made for the glass viewing panel to be set into the ground to display an area of brick floor. Soil was levelled out and seeded to permanently cover some brick areas, Tesco joined us and helped with this and cooking the sausages.

Please vote for the bone mill if you shop at Swaffham Tesco, this will get us a Bags of Help grant to enable us to preserve and maintain the mill. Voting finishes at the end of October.

We were given a Maple and 3 Hazel trees which were planted, we also weeded the brick floors and hammer mill. Soil was filled in over the water pipe behind the new wall, the soil heaps were sieved and in them we found pieces of pottery and a long iron bar. The metal detector was used around the site, a large drain cover and a sprocket with wood marks were found near the river bank. In the soil heap another Halfpenny was found, dated 1897.

The south side quoin had fallen in the river when restoration began, the space on the bank next to the bridge was cleaned up to show where it came from. Fred has nearly finished the brickwork on the south-side bypass channel wall, as well as preserving the brickwork this will stop debris falling into the channel.

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