Blue Flower

David brought along documents including The 1761 Appointment of River Nar Navigation Commissioners, The Nar Valley Drainage Act 1881 and transcripts of articles from 1859 and 1867 in The Norwich Mercury about two court cases involving the bone mill.

Barry donated a miniature Rose, he also brought his metal detector and found a Roman Nummus coin from around 350AD behind the wagon, this is the third ancient coin found recently and we are going to get an expert to look at it. Also found was a Livery button which would have been worn by servants. The drain cover found previously was cleaned and put on display.

A brick surround was built for the viewing feature in the floor, the elevator pit was bricked up level so a metal cover can be fitted and Adam finished the soil retaining wall with a top layer of bricks. The bottom of this wall was then cleared of soil and debris to expose the machinery area floor.

We had a visit from some walkers, and John Worrall, a journalist who is writing an article about the mill. We removed a large mass of weeds in the river near the staunch, and exposed a solid sloping wall on the downstream bank.

Steps were made to get from the bank to the floor over the tunnel. Bricks were removed from the ridge in the floor to investigate why there are undulations in the surface, this needs further investigation. A flame weeder was used on the floor, as weedkiller cannot be used near water courses, and pulling weeds up damages the bricks.

Finally we started to cover the exposed brickwork with fabric to prevent frost damage, we need to continue this so the site is covered for winter.

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