Blue Flower

10 volunteers were on site today. One team continued to record the finds from previous sessions, as well as recording all today’s finds. Some items in storage had labels coming off or missing, and a bit of detective work was needed to match items and number tags with the log, and re label them. Dennis provided sealable bags so many items were transferred to these from carrier bags which had been used in the early days.

Another team measured some more features of the site ready for a plan to be made, and uncovered more brickwork in the upstream area of the building.

The remaining team worked in the furnace area and uncovered an interesting arrangement which shows how various areas were changed over time to suit the needs of the mill. We had already found a small trench running along the site which had other features built over it. Today’s work showed how the same trench originally ran into the main tunnel but was later built over with a pit running into the  furnace and a drain pipe replaced another small trench. A wall was also uncovered near this area which marks the outside of the main building.

Later the area of the Blacksmith’s shop was investigated briefly to see if the outline of the building could be established. Weeds need to be removed from this area before any work can begin.

We also tidied up the site ready for the open days, clearing loose rubble and making the site more presentable and safe.

Finds today included the usual suspects – nails, screws, bolts and washers – and large sections of cast iron gutter, about 3/4 of a pantile, an S hook, eye hook, piece of bone, metal bars, pottery fragments and a Ski yoghurt pot from 1976! Relatively modern finds like this all tell a part of the story and show there was some activity there at that time.

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