Blue Flower

During lockdown the main mill area has been kept mown and weeded. Today’s working party was to start preparing for Heritage Open Days on 19 & 20 September when we will be open to the public, this year booking will be required. Mills weekend 2020 had to be cancelled due to Covid 19.

On our way to the mill we found a large branch which had fallen across the track from the weekends high winds, so our first job was to cut it up and clear it away. We found an empty Swan eggshell further along the track. We noticed the trees are overhanging the track in many places.

At the mill we had a look round to see what preparation is needed for the open days. The main part of the site looks very neat and tidy, but some of the wider areas need clearing and mowing. There are lots of weeds both sides of the water wheel at river level and the blacksmith area is very overgrown. Our donation box needs minor repairs too.

We pulled up large weeds and thistles around the walkway in front of the water wheel. Then we strimmed the swinging footbridge area both sides of the river and put the bridge across. On my walks during lockdown I noticed the tables on the bench on the footpath were wobbly so I secured one table to the bench, the other side table has disappeared so we will replace it. The box of cards on our sign was empty so we topped it up. There were about six walkers on the footpath during our time there.

In the next few weeks we will carry on weeding, tidying up and cutting to ensure the site is looking its best for the open days.

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